Without a reliable network how will your business run? Do you have business grade networking equipment? Does your IT provider monitor and shield your business from Cyber risks? 

A fully managed, optimised, and secure network ensures your staff can continue to work even as your business grows. 


Cisco Meraki

We’ve tested them all over the years, and categorically Cisco Meraki comes out on top as the leader in secure, stable, and scalable networking solutions for SMEs. 

We want our clients to have the best – best anything but could mean a risk to their business or a loss of time, which as we know, is money. 

Cisco Meraki is our choice to protect our clients and ensure their network stays up and running 24/7. Our team are Meraki certified and fully capable of supporting these devices throughout our client base. 


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Networking, Networking


It’s a tricky phrase that usually raises eyebrows – future-proof. The reality is, nothing is truly future-proof BUT with the right technology in place you can be, future-ready. 

We implement the latest technology to ensure your network is stable, capable, and most importantly as your business grows and changes, is future-ready. 

Cisco Meraki is our weapon of choice, and for good reason – they are the market leader in cloud controlled Wi-Fi. Your network will serve you for many many years to come.

Learn more about Cisco Meraki here.

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Wi-Fi first strategy

Nowadays you need not shell out for expensive cabling when moving or setting up an office. For most clients, it’s entirely possible to go Wi-Fi only in the office and not need physical data points at all. 

At qbox we always opt for a Wi-Fi first strategy when consulting for our clients. It’s true that it’s not a perfect fit for everyone, but for 90+%, a Wi-Fi only network works just as well as a cabled network. We owe this possibility to Meraki hardware and the next generation Wi-Fi it provides.

Speed, reliability, and performance are all covered by networking hardware and software that exceeds expectations and creates an amazing user experience.

No more dead spots, wherever you are in the office – you’re covered.

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