MDM or Mobile Device Management is the key to ensuring your devices are protected, supported, and easily managed remotely. 

Contrary to the name, Mobile Device Management is not only for the management of mobile devices, it also covers PC + Mac, and other smart devices. 

When thinking MDM, think simplifying your IT management. For businesses that are growing and need to keep track of their assets, MDM is the perfect solution.


Device management

If you like the idea of managing your business IT devices wherever they are, MDM might just be for you. Remote updating, pushing applications, changing Wi-fi settings, and creating additional security are just a few of the things that are possible with the power of MDM.

At a certain point, it can become difficult to keep track and manage all your IT assets, it’s about this time that MDM starts to make sense.

MDM is a powerful way to ensure your work assets are secure and the devices you have out in the field are protected. 


mdm, MDM
mdm, MDM

Remote onboarding

In this ever changing world it’s no surprise that more and more businesses are adopting remote work policies and onboarding their new hires remotely. 

With MDM in place, new user onboarding is as simple as shipping the user their new devices. Single-Touch and Zero-Touch deployment are a reality with a well configured MDM platform doing the hard work in setting up your new hire’s workstation and phone – ready for them to do their job.

For HR, no delays in IT and simple onboarding is a big win in ensuring that new hire has a positive first day experience. 

mdm, MDM

User choice (CYOD)

Giving your users choice means letting them choose which device they need to do their best work. It used to be Mac OR PC, now we know better. Choice means happiness and happiness means more productive staff – this translates directly into better business outcomes. 

Letting your staff choose their devices shows you’re an employer that fosters autonomy and responsbility. Users at some of the largest companies around the world have been given choice and the results are well known.

qbox offers guidance on how to implment a Choose your Own Device (CYOD) or Bring your Own Device (BYOD) policy in your business.

mdm, MDM