IT support

Real support means being able to rely on your IT partner when times are good AND when they could be better. 

Our staff are highly skilled on both Mac + PC and have worked in the industry for years – you’ll be hard pressed to stump them with a problem! 

Whether working remotely or in offices all the way around Australia, we’ve got you covered. 


Remote & onsite

A majority of the time remote support is all you’ll need, however, when things can’t be fixed remotely you can rest assured we’ll come to visit. 

All qbox clients have access to remote and on-site support when required. Our plans are structured such that you only pay for the time you need us. 

Our team are all local so although you may ‘Outsource’ your IT to us, we won’t outsource our work overseas. 


IT Support, IT Support
IT Support, IT Support

Truly Mac + PC

We don’t just talk the talk, we walk. If you’re a Mac house no worries, if you’re all PC all good, many of our clients are a mix. What we’re saying is, whatever system you use, we’ll provide the highest level of support. 

Gone are the days where it was Mac OR PC. If your provider has you choosing between the two, it’s time to choose another provider…

Systems integration is our speciality and we support both platforms equally.

IT Support, IT Support


A big part of outsourcing your IT is being able to ask your provider for recommendations on the best hardware and software for your needs. 

qbox makes procurement super easy. We have industry leading pricing that ensures you’re never overcharged. Our systems enable us to quickly quote you items appropriate to your business needs, you can even pay securely with credit card!

We have a fantastic supplier network meaning when you order with us, you get priority support and fast shipping.

IT Support, IT Support