IT strategy

Starting at the beginning means starting with your IT strategy.

We look at the big picture, what’s your why? What are you looking to achieve? Where is your business headed? 

We start with an IT roadmap because if we start here, your journey is one where IT will help your business excel and reach new heights!


Roadmap strategy

The secret to business success lies in a good well structured strategy. In IT this is critically important as the landscape changes constantly. qbox offers advice and guidance to help your business plan and navigate changes as they arise.

All qbox service plans come with IT advice and guidance. We take the time to understand your business, your industry, and position innovative products/solutions that gear your business toward growth. Selected service plans also include IT budgeting, IT roadmap design, and quarterly IT assessment meetings.

IT Strategy, IT Strategy
IT Strategy, IT Strategy

Tailored advice

Advice is golden, so they say. We take care to provide you with well researched and knowledgeable advice that is tailored to your business needs. At any time, ask us for recommendations and we’ll be happy to help!

Your business is unique, we understand that. Our team are constantly updating their knowledge of IT systems and software solutions. The solutions we offer come tailored to meet your business needs now and into the future.

IT Strategy, IT Strategy

Business continuity

Keeping your business IT systems running is our top priority. We know that time lost is money lost, and we’re not okay with this! Our business continuity processes ensure your business risk is minimised.

Risk mitigation should be front of mind for most businesses, especially those that are well established. With our business continuity planning, we take the time to work with you around establishing what risk is acceptable and what is not. We’ll help you minimise risk and set up plans for severe failure situations – should it occur!

IT Strategy, IT Strategy