IT security

Cybersecurity is a constantly evolving landscape requiring businesses to stay on top in order to mitigate against risk. Your business shouldn’t have to worry about Cybersecurity. 

Outsourcing your Cybersecurity to experts like qbox means you can focus on the real world while we keep you protected in the cyber-verse.


Security awareness training

Human error is now the number one cause for security breaches. That is because as humans, we don’t always diligently check every single email we receive, or we might not know what to look for in order to avoid giving away our details to a hacker.

qbox offers security training in all our service packages to ensure your staff are well prepared and can spot a scam a mile away!

Don’t leave it up to chance. Businesses need to prepare their staff to mitigate risk and avoid major problems down the road.


cybersecurity, IT Security

Free Cyber Awareness Training

Get started for free with qbox Cyber Security Awareness Training which includes:

Online cyber risk assessment and tracking

Ready-to-edit cyber policy templates, and checklists

Lbrary of security awareness posters

cybersecurity, IT Security

Advanced threat protection

Defence against constant attacks, active monitoring, and alerting. Advanced threat protection is a strategy and set of tools that qbox implements to protect your business from online threats. 

With real-time visibility and alerting on our tools, our team are always ontop of potential threats that could pose a concern for your business. This involves malware, email filtering, endpoint management, and network level protection.

For qbox security is always front of mind. We continually upskill and are on top of security industry trends.

cybersecurity, IT Security

Secure authentication

Secure access to your applications. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) protects your business by qualifying trustworthiness of user devices. 

qbox uses industry leading technology to ensure client across all of our service plans are protected with MFA. 

In 2020, MFA is one of the most effective controls and organisation can put in place to protect their business from hackers gaining access to business resources. *Aus Gov, ACSC

cybersecurity, IT Security