File sharing & collaboration

It’s not only about sharing files anymore, it’s about collaborating, in real time, in the cloud! 

Features like centralised content, permission structures, collaboration, and of course integrations are invaluable for modern businesses.

Whether you’re working remotely, in the office, or out for the day – all your files are accessible and workable at all times from anywhere!


Team collaboration

It’s all about keeping everyone on the same page. 90+ percent of qbox customers rely on Dropbox Business as their file storage and collaboration platform. It’s never been easier to collaborate from anywhere!

Using comments in files, inviting your team to shared folders, and with changes synced immediately – Dropbox Business is the go to solution for businesses that need scalability and security.

qbox also offers boutique solutions around localised storage for businesses where internet connections don’t meet Dropbox requirements.


cloud, Cloud File Sharing & Collaboration
cloud, Cloud File Sharing & Collaboration

File backup

All your files backed up – all the time. Dropbox keeps your files backed up and recoverable at all times. With Smart Sync large files can be worked on locally and iteratively backed up to the cloud.

Dropbox provides up to 180 days version history and deletion recovery. Your data is well protected with Dropbox.

qbox’s business specific localised server solutions include redundant backup and offsite replication where possible – this mitigates your business risk in the event of a disaster.

cloud, Cloud File Sharing & Collaboration

Security features

With enterprise-grade cloud security – Dropbox just makes sense for most businesses. Sharing permissions adds a level of control for business admins in ensuring those who need access have it.

qbox implements dropbox solutions for clients with a heavy focus on security, ensuring your business risk is mitigated by a well confirmed permissions structure. 

Extra tools such as MFA (Multi-factor-authentication) that qbox implements for clients as a part of our service plans, add extra layers of protection in securing your business. 

cloud, Cloud File Sharing & Collaboration