Cisco Meraki

Simplify your business systems with Cisco Meraki’s smart, cloud-managed IT solutions.

Get the most out of your connection, keep staff happy with stable speeds, and secure your network with world class protection.

Cisco Meraki is next-generation W-Fi.

Meraki, Meraki

Networking that just works.

Your network is important. Infact, it just might be one of the most important parts of your business. What happens when it goes down? Chaos right? 

It doesn’t have to be left to chance. With the right solution in place, your network can improve your experience and ensure stability especially when you need it. 

With features like advanced security, next generation Wi-Fi, performance monitoring, and data analytics you’ve always protected. 

Our services.

Meraki, Meraki

Meraki hardware

Cloud managed wireless with Meraki hardware is reliable and ‘Future-Proof’. 

Routers, Access Points, Switching, Cameras, and dedicated SD-WAN security devices improve and secure your network. 

With the suite of Meraki products your whole network can be monitored via the Meraki dashboard in the cloud.


Meraki, Meraki

Meraki security

Meraki products have dedicated security radio’s that instantly detect interference, vulnerabilities, and attacks. 

Advanced malware protection and live threat protection ensure your network remains up and running while attacks are neutralised at the source.

Meraki, Meraki

Meraki analytics

Intuitive centralised management with the Meraki Dashboard provides business insight.

In one centralised dashboard it’s possible to view networked clients, bandwidth consumption and application usage across all sites. 

Administrators can push policies and shape the network to suit the business.


What they say about qbox.

We have worked with the team at qbox for over two years and hope to work with them for many more. We could not recommend them more highly for both their up-to-date industry and product knowledge, as well as their attentive customer service.

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We love working with qbox, they know their stuff and get the job done no fuss!

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‘A’ class technicians, efficient, knowledgeable and friendly!

Meraki, Meraki

A great partner for almost 10 years. qbox are passionate about providing the right IT infrastructure and support for our growing business.

Meraki, Meraki

Since taking on our IT qbox has provided excellent strategy and technology guidance. We love not having to worry about IT, knowing qbox is ready to assist should anything go wrong

Meraki, Meraki

We have moved to Qbox and have not looked back. All our IT requirements are attending to quickly and efficiently and we would highly recommend them.

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