Dropbox for your business.

In the office, out on the road, anywhere you are, your files are. Microsoft Office Suite, Google Suite, Adobe… everything you need in one place.

Dropbox Business is the ultimate file sharing and collaboration solution for business.

Dropbox elite partner.

As an elite partner, our clients benefit from our team’s extensive knowledge of the Dropbox Business platform.

Our team are able to simplify the configuration of Dropbox for your business and migrate data from legacy servers. 

We’re also certified Dropbox Admin’s and have access to Dropbox direct support and assistance should we need it – another perk of our partnership.

Dropbox Business, Dropbox Business

Our services.

Dropbox Assessment

Using Dropbox already?

qbox are able to perform an assessment on your utilisation make recommendations for improvement.

Whether you’re looking to move from Dropbox personal to business or you just want to understand if there is room for improvement, we’re here to help.

Migrate to Dropbox

Onsite server? New business? Need advice?

Whilst Dropbox isn’t the be all end all solution for every business, over 80% of qbox clients find it to be highly scalable and productive for their businesses. 

qbox can offer advice and guidance as to the best way to implement Dropbox for your business.

Security & Integration

A key part of file sharing is ensuring you can share securely.

Collaborating on files within your business and externally are made easy with Dropbox. 

If storing data locally is a requirement you can rest at ease knowing Dropbox now stores new Australian client data in data centres in Sydney, Australia.  

What they say about qbox.

We have worked with the team at qbox for over two years and hope to work with them for many more. We could not recommend them more highly for both their up-to-date industry and product knowledge, as well as their attentive customer service.

Dropbox Business, Dropbox Business

We love working with qbox, they know their stuff and get the job done no fuss!

Dropbox Business, Dropbox Business

‘A’ class technicians, efficient, knowledgeable and friendly!

Dropbox Business, Dropbox Business

A great partner for almost 10 years. qbox are passionate about providing the right IT infrastructure and support for our growing business.

Dropbox Business, Dropbox Business

Since taking on our IT qbox has provided excellent strategy and technology guidance. We love not having to worry about IT, knowing qbox is ready to assist should anything go wrong

Dropbox Business, Dropbox Business

We have moved to Qbox and have not looked back. All our IT requirements are attending to quickly and efficiently and we would highly recommend them.

Dropbox Business, Dropbox Business