Cisco SecureX

Security, networking, and monitoring. Cisco is the undisputed leader when it comes to business networking and tools that improve your IT experience.

With security products such as Cisco DUO, AMP, and more your business is well protected.

qbox offers Cisco SecureX solutions as a part of our IT service plans and hardware through our procurement services. 

Cisco SecureX
Cisco Select Partner
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MFA or Multi-Factor Authentication helps protect your workforce with simple security safeguards ensuring only your staff are able to access your business data. 

DUO enables secure access for any device, anywhere, with state of the art MFA technology. With Zero-Touch as the guiding principle, DUO is well positioned to meet and exceed expectations around device security for businesses. 

All of qbox’s service plans include DUO for MFA, as we believe it is critical to ensure our clients data is securely accessible by staff anywhere they work. 

Cisco is Secure Endpoint Protection.

Secure Endpoint Protection (SEP) is a product by Cisco that helps protect your user’s devices against malware and viruses. 

With global control and visibility, SEP protects your business from malware attacks in real-time, preventing breaches and analysing files across your network to keep your business running smoothly. 

Cloud delivered end-point protection is the best option for modern businesses wanting to ensure their business devices are secured from online threats in real-time. 

Cisco Secure Endpoint

Umbrella is Network Security.

Cisco Umbrella provides cloud delivered security in a flexible way, when and how you need it. Extending security to devices and remote workforces is simple with Umbrella. 

With DNS-layer security, a secure web gateway, and cloud firewall, Umbrella is the go-to for remote security across your business. 

qbox offers umbrella as a bolt-on to our service packages on a per user per month basis. 

What they say about qbox.

We have worked with the team at qbox for over two years and hope to work with them for many more. We could not recommend them more highly for both their up-to-date industry and product knowledge, as well as their attentive customer service.

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We love working with qbox, they know their stuff and get the job done no fuss!

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‘A’ class technicians, efficient, knowledgeable and friendly!

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A great partner for almost 10 years. qbox are passionate about providing the right IT infrastructure and support for our growing business.

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Since taking on our IT qbox has provided excellent strategy and technology guidance. We love not having to worry about IT, knowing qbox is ready to assist should anything go wrong

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We have moved to Qbox and have not looked back. All our IT requirements are attending to quickly and efficiently and we would highly recommend them.

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